Several years ago, there lived a horrid little boy named Jake. Jake was a nasty kid and a liar. He loved to tell lies. He loved to weave tall tales about how much better his life was than others. He created whole backstories to prove the things he did in his spare time were much cooler than what anyone else did. Usually, the lies were fantastic, sometimes involving explosions, children dying, drunk drivers, and kung-fu masters. Even though Jake’s lies were not well thought out, he told them well, making it possible for people to believe them. None of the lies were coherent or made sense, yet he told them all the time. Jake always expected people to accept what he said was one hundred percent true, or else he would start crying and throwing a tantrum. Unless he decided everything he said was made up. If that were the case, he would laugh and make fun of you for believing his silly tale. He told so many lies that some of his lies even got other people in trouble.
One day at his school, he faked an injury and blamed the class sports star, Gabe, for beating him up, even though he didn’t. Jake howled and cried in pain while the teachers escorted him to the nurses’ office. This whole thing got Gabe suspended. Jake also told his parents that the neighbor’s dog attacked him, which made them so angry, they called the sheriff on the dog, and the dog had to wear a muzzle. Every time Jake walked by the neighbor’s dog, he would point and laugh at its muzzled face. Jake would lie so much that it became unbearable to the people around him, but not his parents. They had gotten so used to it that Jake never got in trouble for his lies.
One day Jake decided to make every word he said a lie, so when he got to school, he told all the kids he got into a fight with another rich kid and beat him up, but when he arrived late for class, he told his teacher that it was because he got into a fight with a giant robot. His teacher didn’t believe him, so Jake began to wail. The teacher sent him to the principal’s office, where he told Mr. Norman that his teacher was abusing him. Mr. Norman called the teacher into his office, and Jake told a complete fabrication about all the times the teacher hurt him, like when his teacher got very drunk and started a fire in the classroom. The teacher threw his wine bottle into the flames, which caused an explosion, and the shards flew into Jake’s body and nearly killed him, or the time he slapped his face after he got a test answer right. The teacher protested, but Jake continued to lie through his teeth. As Jake continued to lie and lie to the principal about his teacher, something strange happened. Jake felt something unusual pop out of his mouth, and suddenly he stopped lying. Jake was confused. He tried to say something, but he couldn’t even talk, let alone lie because what popped out of his mouth was his tongue. He looked at the principal’s desk and saw his tongue wiggling on it. He tried to scream, but no sound came out. He reached out to grab the tongue, but like a fish, it slipped out of his hands and flew out the principal’s office window. Jake jumped out of his chair in horror and ran outside, where he found his tongue on the blacktop of the basketball court near the principal’s window. He tried to grab his tongue, but once again, it slipped out of his fingers and began flopping up and down on the ground. Jake tried to grab his tongue and put it back in his mouth but failed. The kids on the basketball court formed a circle around Jake and began laughing at him. Jake managed to get his tongue back in his mouth, but it didn’t stick, and once again, it shot out, but this time it landed on a grate for a storm drain. Jake gave one last desperate grab for his lying tongue only to have it fall through the grate deep into the storm drain. After that day, Jake never found his tongue again; thus, he said no more lies. Such was the fate of the little lying boy, Jake.


The End