There once was a big Ferris Wheel that stood tall in the middle of a beautiful amusement park. It proudly spent its time spinning its wheel around and around for all the visitors of the amusement park. It would lift them up and take them high into the sky. It would then stop so the people could see far beyond the boundaries of the amusement park.

All around, The Ferris Wheel was very happy with its life. However, there was one thing that always ate away at The Ferris Wheel’s mind. There was another big ride that stood at the other end of the park. It was a fast new Roller Coaster. It had a white steel track with bright lights that lit up its sides and a shiny red car that took the visitors of the park up, down, and all around. The Roller Coaster made The Ferris Wheel very jealous. It saw how people loved to go line up for another ride on The Roller Coaster. The Ferris Wheel felt like it never got that much attention. So, it thought of a plan to compete with the Roller Coaster. The Ferris Wheel saw how fast the Coaster went, so it started trying to spin its wheel a bit faster than its usual speed, but when it did that, people started to grasp their seats and called out in fear. Everyone who went on the Ferris Wheel complained that it was going too fast. This made The Ferris Wheel feel embarrassed.

The next thing the Ferris Wheel did, was trying to move extra slowly so people would enjoy him for longer periods of time. However, when he did that, people started to get angry and bored. All the guests said the ride was too slow, and they wanted it to go faster. Hearing this left The Ferris Wheel sad and confused. He just didn’t know what to do. Now feeling fed up with The Roller Coaster, The Ferris Wheel got mad. It yelled out angrily to the other part of the amusement park and got the attention of The Roller Coaster. “Hey, you!” The Ferris Wheel called over to The Roller Coaster. “What’s the deal with you stealing all my riders, you jerk,” The Ferris Wheel yelled. The Roller Coaster looked stunned. “Well, how come you’re taking all my attention?” The Ferris Wheel barked out.

“What on earth are you talking about? You’re the one stealing all the guests from me,” The Roller Coaster snapped back. The Ferris Wheel was shocked and said, “What do you mean? You’re the one stealing all the attention from me!” The Roller Coaster then said, “Are you crazy? Only a small amount of people want to ride me. Everyone else is too scared of my speed and twists. I would do anything to be a classic ride like you,” explained The Roller Coaster. The Ferris Wheel got ready to say something back but stopped and thought about what The Roller Coaster said. “So, wait. You want to be like me?” asked The Ferris Wheel. “Yeah, I really would like to be like you,” The Roller Coaster said.

The Ferris Wheel had to think about this. “You know, I would like to be more like you, to tell the truth.” Now The Ferris Wheel started to feel very silly about how it was acting. It realized that there was no reason why it should be jealous of The Roller Coaster. Because the amusement park guests liked The Ferris Wheel just the way it was, to begin with. So, from that day forward, The Ferris Wheel and The Roller Coaster realized that they didn’t have to be jealous of each other and should be happy just the way they were. Now both rides lived as friends in the amusement park happily ever after.

The End